Retail Food Safety Services

Retail Food Safety Services

CFS also specializes in retail food safety. CFS performs unique comprehensive food safety audits and inspections that include one-on-one training of your food service handlers, department heads and staff. Our clients can determine the frequency and type of audits/inspections—from one hour spot checks, to full compliance audits. We also focus on OSHA compliance and image improvement.

Retail food safety services include:

  • Comprehensive food safety audits and inspections
  • Food safety program development and implementation
  • Personnel practices and SOP evaluation and refinement
  • Cleaning & sanitizing SOP’s
  • Food safety training & certification
  • Brand standards
  • Document review and record keeping guidance and direction
  • Pest management documentation review and leadership
  • OSHA assessments and remediation services
  • Regulatory liaison (State, DOH, OSHA)
  • Agency violation remediation
  • Listeria abatement

Technology for Today’s Retail Market

Mitigate Risk, Drive Compliance, Improve Quality—Retail Assist® reporting and corrective action cloud-based platform is designed to provide laser-focused insight and action. This user friendly, real-time reporting solution makes it easy to comply with all regulatory requirements. Most importantly this platform can be easily modified to your unique reporting requirements.

Unique Audit/Inspection Report

Our custom tailored Retail Food Safety Audit Report is easy to understand, and food service/store violations are reported in a manner that makes each readily accessible. Practical recommendations are also included for effective corrective actions. In addition, there are sections for Critical Issues, GMP Violations, Maintenance Issues, Store/Food Service Image Improvement, Pest Management Issues and OSHA.

Sustainable Improvement

Since it is often necessary to foster a culture of accountability, our flexible report template holds individuals accountable for corrective actions. This, coupled with Store/Food Service Manager approval, accelerates culture shift and helps to promote an organization-wide food safety mindset. The result—successful State and Health Department inspections, and brand protection.

CFS COVID-19 Crisis Response & Training

To assist your company with an effective COVID-19 mitigation strategy, CFS has developed the following emergency response programs to provide the support you need.