Food Safety Training

Food Safety Training

Customized Training

Our diversity, depth of resources and approach are the CFS difference. Our consultant-trainers are experienced change management practitioners. We design our training programs to close performance gaps and achieve business results. Training for training sake—just doesn’t make sense.

Our skill-based, interactive courses use accelerative adult learning techniques. Each course uniquely bridges the classroom to the work place. All examples are relevant and industry specific. Our food safety training programs can be facilitated at our training center in Westwood, New Jersey—or we can come to you.

CFS has also launched its VirtualTraining Academy. Learn online with a live instructor. Our virtual classes have the same content as our in-person classes, but with the flexibility to learn remotely. These virtual courses will also focus on how COVID-19 has affected food safety, and what measures your company should take to protect employee health and safety.

Client-dedicated courses are customized to your unique needs. Additionally, CFS has the ability to train in a number of languages. Our training programs have been recognized, by both clients and competitors, for superior practicality and organizational impact. And our clients appreciate that we measure training effectiveness.

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Public Courses

CFS is a licensed SQFI Training Center. We offer virtual training and in-classroom courses at our state-of-the-art training center in Westwood, New Jersey as well as select cities across the country. Here’s a partial list: