Food Safety Audit Services

Food Safety Audit Services

Food Safety Audits

Food safety audits are critical in order to maintain effective food safety management systems. These audits provide transparency and assurance that food safety requirements are adhered to. And this, in part, enhances safety, sustainability, accountability and continual improvement. Audits are a powerful prevention-based tool and should be performed by experienced trained auditors. The hand that guides must be steady and sure.

Third-party audits are an efficient and effective way to maintain your food safety management system. These audits have also become an important part of supplier selection and regulatory compliance. Our third-party audits help you achieve your food safety objectives and requirements, attain regulatory compliance and exacting customer demands. CFS has worked hard to develop value-added audits to significantly improve your food safety performance.

Third-Party Food Safety Audit Preparation

Third party food safety auditing against standards such as SQF, BRC, ISO 22000, and FSSC 22000, GMP/GDP and specific major retailer audit schemes are often mandated to conduct business with your customers. Our experienced consultant-auditors help you prepare for any 1st, 2nd or 3rd party audits. This enables your food safety and quality manager to evaluate food safety performance through a best practice lens, while freeing up their time.

Auditing Services

CFS provides best practice, auditing services that include:

  • Assess effectiveness of your Food Safety Management System
  • Assess readiness for GFSI Certification
  • Assess readiness to a GMP/GDP (cGMP) Audit schemes
  • GFSI and GMP/GDP/GLP Mock Audits
  • Assist with client scheduled self-inspections
  • Integrated Pest Management Assessments
  • Customer directed first-party audit compliance
  • Verification of retailer’s food safety/quality requirements
  • Retail (supermarket and food service) food safety inspections and audits
  • Supplier approval and surveillance audits
  • Audit compliance to the Food Safety Modernization Act
  • HACCP and Hazard Analysis Verification Audits
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Audits

Auditor Calibration & Training

CFS delivers value-added assessments and audits that accelerate sustainable improvement. Our full-time consultant-auditors have diverse food service, supermarket, manufacturing, storage and distribution, laboratory and related operational backgrounds. Our consultant-auditors partner with you to drive meaningful organization-wide continual improvement.

Our auditing team understands the challenges your face. We provide a comprehensive, objective and positive audit experience. We educate and train your team on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind each audit finding. We always audit for compliance and focus on your accomplishments and improvement opportunities. Our goal is sustainable improvement.

We stress auditor competency and continual training. Each new hire goes through rigorous classroom and hands-on field training. This consists of two-weeks of classroom training, followed by four weeks of training in the field with their manager. After that there are continual evaluations of each consultant-auditor to ensure objectivity and consistency.

All consultant-auditors are trained to the specific client audit requirements. And we utilize client groupings to provide uniformity in client auditing protocols to improve audit effectiveness and efficiency. This integrated audit calibration approach, in part, is how CFS is able to deliver the most dependable assessments and audits in the industry—consistently one audit at a time.

Maintenance Services

CFS also offers ‘maintenance services’ that ensure a client is audit-ready 365-days a year. Whether you have an announced or unannounced audit—you’re covered. Maintenance includes a combination of consulting, auditing and training services (typically quarterly) to ensure your food safety management system is compliant and up to date with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

We’ll guide you on how to sustain and enhance your food safety management system. We’ll make it easy for you to always meet and exceed your customer requirements. Our focus is also on reducing non value-added work, process streamlining, continual improvement and building a culture of accountability. We partner with you and become an extension of your food safety team.

Leave the Burden of In-House Auditing & Training to Us

CFS removes the burden of in-house training and audits from our clients’ quality and food safety managers, so they can dedicate their valuable time to the business. Most importantly, the food safety programs that we develop are practical, and easy to implement and maintain. And each is based upon the client’s unique operational reality.

It’s important to note that our services always include support for each facility after we have left—by phone and email. We consider ourselves your full-time food safety partner. We’ve even established a company hot-line to respond, immediately, to pressing questions or perhaps regulatory concerns. We know you need answers to pressing unforeseen questions immediately, so we take this obligation quite seriously.